Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith
Marion, Indiana
August 7, 1930

A crowd of young and old view the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in Marion, Indiana. Thousands carrying picks, bats, ax handles, crowbars, torches, and firearms raided the courthouse to "get those goddamn Niggers." Police milled about the crowd outside while armed guards waited downstairs. Shipp was taken from his cell, beaten and dragged to the street. Cameron whose account we except from raw faces of schoolmates and people whose shoes he'd polished and lawns mowed. Beaten to death, they drug the body by rope to the window of Smiths cell, who was mutilated the same way. A crowbar was rammed through his chest, then they drug the body to the courthouse and hung it from a tree. The mob posed for photos. Cameron was taken and mauled to the courthouse. A woman's voice paused the crowd long enough for him to escape to the county jail. James Cameron survived to write, "A Time for Terror" and at this writing is the director and founder of the "Black Holocaust Museum" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.